revSpeak in Mac OS 10.9

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> Great to know! Many Thanks for
> posting this update about ascii
> character incompatible with revSpeak.
> Now, we need a volunteer to add this info to
> the dictionary. :D
> Al

I can take a hint—if it’s broad enough. But before I post this to the dictionary, I would to know if it applies only to 10.9.
But I don't know that. I need a little help here.

If someone running Mac OS 10.8 would put this into the msg box:

revspeak " [Something pasted between these quotation marks from MS Word with an apostrophe or ellipsis in it.] "

Something like: revspeak “Now it’s the time.” But it must come from MS Word.

The "curly" apostrophe won't be spoken in 10.9, but maybe it will in 10.8

Let me know, please.

I think my app "Text to speech" may be useful to others. As I said, it is vital to me; I can't spell, type, or proofread.
The app allows me to click on any word and LC will speak the text beginning with that word. I can stop, make corrections, and begin again from any new word. You can also control the speaking rate. 

It is also helpful in evaluating the style. Actually hearing the text spoken can sometimes be quite jarring.

So I have put the app (Text to speech) on my web site:

And scroll down to the last entry under “Utilities” where you will find “Text to speech.” 


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