Eureka... and this how you play a movie inside a stack on linux

Warren Samples warren at
Sat Dec 14 16:10:05 EST 2013

On 12/14/2013 02:15 PM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Maybe, just maybe, this shell command could works too in
> Windows and Mac.
> Could you try this shell command in your own setup and
> report the results back?
> Here is the manual, if you want to test more mplayer commands:
> Now, we only need a reliable way to control the movie
> inside the stack.
> How could we control mplayer from LiveCode?
> At least how to pause, rewind, forward and go to second?
> Thanks in advance!
> Al

Embedding mplayer this way runs into compositing issues where the video 
displays in some kind of semi-transparent masking mode in many systems 
whit desktop effects enabled. Also, be aware that shell() is blocking. 
There are ways to get around that, but it is an important thing to keep 
in mind! I am pleased to say that '-wid' is now working here on my 
system whereas previously it had not.

As far as controlling mplayer with LiveCode goes, you can open mplayer 
in slave mode and control it using sockets as you posted here yesterday 
or writing commands to a FIFO. I posted a link in your other thread 
yesterday. This is a very common way to write GUI frontends for mplayer.


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