Eureka... and this how you play a movie inside a stack on linux

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat Dec 14 15:15:52 EST 2013

Hi All,

Look at this shell command,

shell("mplayer -wid 25166356 -ontop -noborder -geometry 50%:50% -quiet -ss
12 -xy 0.5 mymovie.mp4")

Using this string of commands, we could play a movie inside a stack
in Linux.

Notice this switch: -wid 25166356
It tells to mplayer in Linux, which windows must use to play the media file.
To play media inside a stack, we need the LiveCode stack´s windows ID:

put the windowid of topstack

This function returns a number like: 25166356

Interesting enough, the movie resizes itself when we change
the stack size. We could move and resize the stack, but apart from this,
there is no way to stop, pause, rewind, forward, change volume, etc...

Maybe, just maybe, this shell command could works too in
Windows and Mac.

Could you try this shell command in your own setup and
report the results back?

Here is the manual, if you want to test more mplayer commands:

Now, we only need a reliable way to control the movie
inside the stack. 

How could we control mplayer from LiveCode?
At least how to pause, rewind, forward and go to second?

Thanks in advance!


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