revSpeak in Mac OS 10.9

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Sat Dec 14 10:20:56 EST 2013

As I've posted earlier, revSpeak in Mac OS 10.9 is not as forgiving as it once was.
If repSpeak detects a single character it finds offensive, it won't read the text.
It won't even begin. It apparently goes through the entire text and if it finds a character it disapproves of, it won't even start to read.
(It's like the fussy diner who, if he finds a single worm in his salad, sends it all back to the kitchen; where the worm will be removed and returned to the diner.)

I found one more character to add to the list I posted earlier that needs to be fixed for revSpeak: the ellipsis.

So to make text acceptable to revSpeak, run it through this bit of code below.
I'm sure I will run into other offending characters in time.
(I'm a terrible proofreader and I count on LC to speak what I thought I wrote. It is an essential tool for me. Great for finding faux pas like "The defendant was represented by the Pubic Defender.")

on mouseUp
 put field 1 into tText --Field 1 contains text that was copied from a MS Word document.
 put numToChar(213) into tApostrophe
 put numToChar(210) into tQuote1 —Curly quote
 put numToChar(211) into tQuote2
 put numToChar(202) into tChoker —I forget where this comes from
 put numToChar(209) into tDash
 put numTOchar(201) into tEllipses
 put numToChar(34) into tQuote
 replace tDash with "-" in tText
 replace tChoker with empty in tText
 replace tApostrophe with "'" in tText
 replace tQuote1 with tQuote in tText -Surprisingly LC's Quote doesn't seem to work here, only char 34.
 replace tQuote2 with tQuote in tText
 replace tEllipses with “..." in tText
 put tText into field 1
end mouseUP

(Due to the sensitivity of this post to proper formatting, I've run it through Text Edit. Hope that worked. In my last post my quotation marks were all replaced by question marks. It all turned out very questionable.)

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