Up, Down and Sideways

Martin Baxter mblivecode at harbourhosting.co.uk
Fri Dec 13 06:54:08 EST 2013

On 13/12/13 11:20, Richmond wrote:
> On 13/12/13 12:50, Martin Baxter wrote:
>> On my Ubuntu, the keysdown gives me: R Shift 65506 L Shift 65505 Alt
>> [nothing] Alt Gr 65027 L Shift + Alt 65505,65511 R Shift + Alt Gr
>> 65506,65312 I don't know if this helps you at all, but it seemed worth
>> mentioning. I would expect that alt + shift should work for windows
>> and mac though, so this issue is presumably Linux specific. Martin
> And just to show you what a minefield this is, here are my keyDowns on
> Ubuntu 12.04 GNOME 'Classic' with an Apple keyboard:
> Left SHIFT   65505
> Right SHIFT  65506
> Left CTRL    65507
> Right CTRL   65508
> Left ALT     65513
> Right ALT    65027
> Left CMD     65515   Apple Key
> Right CMD    65516
> different to yours.
> Bl**dy unhelpful I'm afraid.
> Richmond.

Not *very* different ;)

Left SHIFT   65505
Right SHIFT  65506
Left CTRL    65507
Right CTRL   65508
Left ALT     [nothing] (presumably because Gnome eats it first)
Right ALT    65027
Left CMD     65515 (windows key)
Right CMD    65312 (right windows key)

It differs in that I get no code for left Alt, and the right command key
gives a different code - BUT, note that I have reassigned the right
windows (CMD) key as the "compose" key for my system. (used for typing
characters with diacriticals and various other stuff).

I agree AltGr is awkward for a right-hander, however I think it must be
fairly standard use for this sort of purpose, so for you to use it so
would not be eccentric.

Note that in my testing AltGR alone produces 65027, but ALtGr + R Shift
yields 65506,65312. 65312 being the same code as my compose key the
right windows key or right CMD key

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