Up, Down and Sideways

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 06:02:29 EST 2013

Well, Linux seems to have no problem with  ctrlKey, so I am wondering 
about going for SHIFT and CTRL as
my modifier keys . . .

. . . However, I am well aware that on both Linux and Windows CTRL + 
some other key (e.g. CTRL + V) does something;
what I am not sure is that if I am running these things inside a keyUp 
statement, such as this one:

on rawkeyUp RUP
       case RUP= whatever the flipping rawkey number is for 'C'
         if ctrlKey() is down then
           do something jazzy
           do something else jazzy
         end if
     end switch
end rawkeyUp

the SWITCH condition will over-ride what the OS would normally do with 
CTRL + C (copy something).


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