Resizing a group to clip an object symetrically

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Dec 12 18:53:22 EST 2013

Hi Terry:

This works if the group is locked and requires grabbing the loc of the

command cropGraphic pPercent
   put height of grc "oval" div 2 into H
   put loc of grc "oval" into theLoc
   put item 2 of theLoc into Y
   put rect of grp 1 into theRect
   put Y - (pPercent/100)*H into item 2 of theRect
   put Y + (pPercent/100)*H into item 4 of theRect
   set rect of grp 1 to theRect
   set loc of grc 1 to theLoc
end cropGraphic


Scott Rossi
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Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 12/12/13 2:52 PM, "Terry Judd" <terry.judd at> wrote:

>I have a group that contains a single round graphic object. The group is
>narrower than the graphic so that only a segment of the disc is
>displayed. I now want to animate a reduction in the height of the group
>so that the disc is clipped symetrically at the top and the bottom.
>Setting the height or the rect of the group doesn't seem to work as the
>group only gets resized from the bottom. What am I missing?
>Dr Terry Judd
>Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
>Medical Education Unit
>Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
>The University of Melbourne
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