LiveCode Server - Passing Information From Web Page to Web Page

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Thu Dec 12 15:03:19 EST 2013

Hello everyone,

I want to track my students as they navigate from page to page on my website so that I can fill the pages with content that is appropriate for each one and so that they need not reenter a student ID and password every time they submit a form (quizzes, assignment uploads, etc.). It was suggested that I avoid using cookies, and instead, create unique session IDs that would be stored on the server in a text file associated with their student ID. No problem creating the session IDs and storing them, but I am at a loss as how I can pass them from page to page. If I place a hidden form field on each page, I can have the value of the field set to the session ID, and that will work fine if the page has an actual form with a submit button that students are intended to use. But if the page is one where there is nothing for the student to submit themselves, I don’t know how to pass along the value of the hidden field. I would like it passed along whenever a student clicks a link to go to another page.

Any tips would be much appreciated,


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