Lost pdf printing

Sumner, Walt WSUMNER at dom.wustl.edu
Thu Dec 12 12:57:13 EST 2013

Hi, folks,

I have a stack that opens printing to a pdf file, and goes through a bunch of calculations to print 8 cards per page. When the stack is left idle for a while it can "forget" that it is supposed to print to a pdf. Global variables indicating the pdf file name and other print settings remain intact. If I resume using the stack after it forgets that it is printing to a pdf, every print instruction gets sent to the local printer, wasting a fantastic amount of paper while failing to record all of the screen shots in a pdf.

How can I check to see whether LiveCode remembers that it is printing to a pdf? I can easily close and reopen printing if I can just determine whether print commands are being sent to the printer or a pdf generator.


Walt Sumner

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