artificially causing a field to be left in a script

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Wed Sep 26 00:38:33 EDT 2012

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 8:43 PM,  <dunbarx at> wrote:
> Sorry, still not getting it. If I change the contents of a field, it matters not what I do next:
>click a button or the card, navigate to another card via any means open to me, focus on
>another field, whatever, the "closeField" message is sent.

That had been my understanding, but . . .

> What are you doing, exactly, after the text of the field is changed?

I change the text of the field, and then click on a button, which runs
a script, saves data if changed, and loads the next data.

I just put the script

on closefield
   pass closefield
end closefield

to a field, changed contents, and pushed my button.  No beep, and no closefield.

Then go to it, change something, and tab, and beep & breakpoint.

into a field, changed it, and clicked the button, and

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