Can I develop my IOS app away from my home computer?

Guglielmo Braguglia guglielmo at
Fri Sep 21 01:33:25 EDT 2012

Hi Howard,
the solution is AirLaunch :  ... a very useful plugin 
for LiveCode. :-)


On 21.09.2012 07:16, Howard Bornstein wrote:
> I need to be somewhere away from home for several weeks and want to
> continue to develop my IOS app while away. I can bring LC and the SDK to
> this computer. So I know I can develop code and check it in the simulator.
> But is there any way I can get an app loaded on my iphone to test when I am
> not near my home computer?
> As far as I can tell, iTunes won't sync with my iPhone (which would allow
> an updated version of my app to get loaded on the phone) unless I sync to
> the computer where I originally set up my iPhone (ok, it will, but it will
> wipe out everything currently on my phone). Is there any other way I can
> get a new, compiled mobile standalone to upload onto my phone without
> syncing to my home computer? I haven't used Xcode for this but is there a
> way to upload an app directly to the iPhone using Xcode and bypassing
> iTunes altogether? If so, would someone please describe the steps to
> someone who has only used LC/iTunes to get apps onto their phone?
> I am in your debt.

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