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Bob Sneidar bobs at
Thu Sep 20 19:40:49 EDT 2012

What is the nature of the group you are showing or hiding? Is it a datagrid? It's my opinion that preOpenStack should be used only for things that need to happen before the stack opens. If it can be put into an openStack handler, put it there. If you are trying to show a group on a card in a preOpenCard or preOpenStack handler, technically the group doesn't exist in memory yet. (Someone will correct me if I am wrong). What I do if I do not want the end user to see a bunch of setup stuff like showing and hiding objects on a card, is I put a lock screen in the preOpenCard handler, then I do all my setup stuff in the openCard handler. As soon as all the scripts are done, the screen will automatically unlock and refresh. 

Not sure if any of that helps. 


On Sep 20, 2012, at 4:02 PM, lunchnmeets wrote:

> Hi Again,
> Thanks Jackie. OK, there was a problem with my startup script. It involved a repeat loop I used to get rid of pendingMessages(). When I disabled that the toolBar was shown again.
> I can't figure out where to put "Choose Browse Tool" it doesn't seem to work in the preOpenStack handler.
> I'm still have a problem with show and hide but I have some things I want to try.
> I didn't have these problems when I was using v4.6.3
> The Try structure didn't find an error because as soon as the script hit a show or a hide it did that action and then it exited to the top so the script didn't see the "catch theerror"
> Since I don't seem to have the show hide problem the first time I use the script after I restart liveCode. There's obviously something I'm doing wrong. So I'm still diagnosing it.
> Let me know if you think of a direction for me to go.
> Joe
> Orlando, FL
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