Show/hide problem

lunchnmeets lunchnmeets at
Thu Sep 20 19:02:44 EDT 2012

Hi Again,

Thanks Jackie. OK, there was a problem with my startup script. It 
involved a repeat loop I used to get rid of pendingMessages(). When I 
disabled that the toolBar was shown again.

I can't figure out where to put "Choose Browse Tool" it doesn't seem 
to work in the preOpenStack handler.

I'm still have a problem with show and hide but I have some things I 
want to try.

I didn't have these problems when I was using v4.6.3

The Try structure didn't find an error because as soon as the script 
hit a show or a hide it did that action and then it exited to the top 
so the script didn't see the "catch theerror"

Since I don't seem to have the show hide problem the first time I use 
the script after I restart liveCode. There's obviously something I'm 
doing wrong. So I'm still diagnosing it.

Let me know if you think of a direction for me to go.

Orlando, FL

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