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Thanks Andre for the resume : a tool to make LC available to big guys should benefit to RunRev and what benefits to RunRev benefits to all of us. Great chess players behind. Congratulations for the deal, RunRev ;D 


Le 18 sept. 2012 à 21:12, Andre Garzia a écrit :

> I will share my two Brazilian Real Cents on this.
> I think that Embedded LiveCode is GREAT but this is not all. I think it is
> aimed towards big business that will happily write checks for USD 500 if it
> saves USD 600 in development time. Having the ability to embed a LiveCode
> app as a UIView on Objective-C can be a very interesting option for reusing
> code between mobile and desktop. The key thing here is integration. Its
> about integrating a LC built thingy into a larger ObjC project.
> Think for example about the new fully native Facebook app for iOS. They
> ditched almost all of their HTML5 stuff but IIRC they kept some because it
> was quicker to keep them then it was to create replacements from scratch,
> so they got a boost in performance and usability and yet kept some of the
> useful HTML5 parts. The same scenario applies to embedded LiveCode. You can
> keep a complex LC part while developing the rest native to gain performance
> and features.
> That being said, I don't think it is a product for me. I don't have ObjC
> projects and I would not start an ObjC project just to pop a LC view in it.
> This is for big guys that already have ObjC people working on some project
> and want to integrate it with LC components.
> So why do I think it is great? Because it benefits us all. First it adds
> yet another revenue stream to RunRev, I am all about them making money.
> Another thing is that the whole new engineering needed to accomplish this
> embeddable engine will improve our engine as a side effect. The insight
> gained from that project will probably improve the mobile standard engine.
> So in the end we'll get a better engine, RunRev will get money and I will
> not spend anything so I think it is great.
> cheers
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