Sending an email with a file attachment

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Sep 14 09:13:05 EDT 2012

Peter Haworth wrote:

 > I'm beginning to think Matthias' idea of putting the environment
 > data on the clipboard and asking the user to paste it into the
 > email client of his/her choice may be the easiest and safest way
 > to do this.

Maybe I'm coming in late to this thread, but if the body of the email is 
less than 1k have you considered just sending it along as a param in the 

on mouseUp
   put "someone at" into tAddress
   put "Hello!" into tSubject
   put "This is the body"&cr&"of the email." into tBody
   put "mailto:"& tAddress & "?" \
       &  "subject="& tSubject &"&" \
       & "body="& tBody into tEmailURL
   launch url tEmailURL
end mouseUp

I use this to have customers send bug reports, and I can grab the OS 
version, my app's version, screenRect, and other useful info along with 
the relevant portion of the executionContexts all within the size limit 
on the URL passed to most email clients.

So far the only really restrictive client I've come across in years is 
GMail, which apparently allows only ~512 chars; everything else our 
users have tested on allows at least 1k, which has been plenty to get 
the info I need from them.

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