images and path names

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sun Sep 2 22:24:11 EDT 2012

If I set the "source" of an image in its inspector by clicking on the little file icon and selecting the file from the dialog box, the source field in the inspector shows "./test.image.jpg"

Same thing happens with File menu: New referenced control: Image file...

Yet if I write a script:

import paint from file "./test.image.jpg"

I get an error, presumably because the path name of the image is incorrect.

On the other hand, the script:

import paint from file "/users/Daddy/Documents/Rev Documents/project images/test.image.jpg"

does work.

Yet, if I paste

/users/Daddy/Documents/Rev Documents/project images/test.image.jpg

Into the "source" field of the inspector for an image, the image doesn't display.

This seems inconsistent. I don't get it. Is there a simple explanation?

Thanks in advance,


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