pirate version of my book...

Ken Corey ken at kencorey.com
Sun Sep 2 15:16:09 EDT 2012

Real numbers will be hard to come by obviously, but androidpit seems to 
claim that they provide for those in eastern europe and russia (and 
maybe down into the far east for all I know), as they claim to have set 
up deals with merchant providers in those countries.

Android pit seem to be working all the angles.  You must deposit money 
with them (in multiples of $5, I think), and purchase out of those 
funds...so there's a tidy profit in the tied-up funds sitting in their 

Incidentally, the app we released was on sale for $199.99, the max the 
Google play store will accept in the US. On AndroidPit it was available 
for $239.99.  As if they needed even /more/ markup!?!

Then, you must install an androidpit installer app, setting your device 
to allow apps from unknown sources.

So, it's illegal there, and it's /easier/ and *cheaper* on Google Play.

I guess that I'm saying they probably aren't taking a huge bite out of 
most people's earnings.

Gads, I *hope* people aren't stupid enough to buy from them, at least in 
the markets Google Play inhabits.


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