livecode apps summary?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Wed Oct 24 17:24:18 EDT 2012

On 24/10/2012 14:29, Matthias Rebbe wrote:
> i am often asked which tool/language i use to create the apps and always i get a  shrug of the shoulders  if i tell the people about LiveCode.
> So i am preparing a website where i want to list all apps (iOS,Android and/or Desktop and/or Server), regardless if commercial or private,   which were created with LiveCode.
> So i you have created an app and are interested in  getting your app listed on my site, then please send me the following information about your app:
> - short summary about your app. What is it for and so on
> - an image
> - a link to your app in the iTunes store, Google Market or Website.
> - if it is sold, how much is it?

Hi Matthias,

I had a similar curiosity - but specifically in relation to mobile apps - for 
the same reason of looking for evidence to overcome scepticism.  So just under 
a year ago I sent a similar appeal to this and other LC lists (see email on 
this list 2011-11-30).

I used a SurveyMonkey form to collect the results - I've just checked and it's 
still there:

You can also still see a summary of the results at:

I intended to produce a beautiful visualisation of all the apps, and got as 
far as writing a LiveCode (of course) stack which used the data entered in 
SurveyMonkey to extract screenshots from the iOS AppStore (IIRC nobody gave me 
data on apps that were available only on Android - this was in the very early 
days of LiveCode supporting Android).  Unfortunately real life intervened and 
I never produced the visualisation - though I still have the cache of screenshots!

Although this survey was specifically for commercially-released (including 
free) mobile apps, it would be fascinating to repeat the exercise now - I had 
over 40 responses then, which I thought was pretty good: I suspect and hope it 
would be a great deal more than that now.

You might want to take a similar approach rather than just inviting free-form 
email.  If you like, I could send you the raw data as an initialisation of 
your data.

FWIW, I doubt if you'll get much in regards to private apps (which are 
certainly most of my own output) so I think you should accept that won't be 
very representative.  Certainly some people took the trouble to use the survey 
to tell me that there were apps that they had produced but couldn't tell me 
about (I think the point they were making was that there might be more Android 
activity than the survey would reveal).

Best of luck - I'll look forward to seeing the results!


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