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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Mon Oct 22 17:53:20 EDT 2012

Hi Cal,

In LiveCode, text wraps around white space and specific other characters. As soon as yu type a space or tab or even a dash, it will wrap. If the first word of a line is longer than the width of a field, it won't wrap. You can hardwrap a word by checking the formattedWidth of char 1 to x of word y. If the formattedWidth is greater than the width of the field, then you could put a space before char x to force the wrap.

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On 22 okt 2012, at 23:27, Cal Horner wrote:

> I've noticed recently that a text field set up to handle text (naturally)
> has an odd attribute.
> As long as the user is typing normally, that is words with spaces between
> each word when the sentence reaches the right boundary of the text field I
> get text wrap.
> But when I take it in my dottery ol' head to hold any key down and let the
> character move along the line to the end of the text field  there is no text
> wrap. The line of characters disappears into the never-never. Check it out.
> If you put a space in that string of characters you then get text wrap.
> Now, this seems odd to me. My logic says when you have the text wrap set it
> should wrap back to the next line and continue, until you left your finger
> off the key.
> How wrong am I? Or has the code been left out, by mistake, when so many new
> features are added?
> Has anyone else run into this oddity or should I just stop worrying about it
> and get a day job?
> Cal

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