Strict Compile Mode

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Oct 11 13:18:25 EDT 2012

Finished converting all the scripts in a stack to include local variable
definitions and got clean compiles of everything a couple of days ago.
 Today, I made some changes to a handler that did not involve any new
variables.  When I compiled, I got the error message "local: name shadows
another variable or constant" pointing to a line in the same script but a
completely different handler which previously compiled OK.

I checked all my the local commands in the script and they are all within
handlers except for one and it does not refer to the variable named in the
error message.  There are no global definitions in the script.

Are there any other reasons for this error?  I'm at a loss to understand
why this script compiled with no problems originally and now is flagging
errors on my local definitions.

lcSQL Software <>

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