[ANN] Background task execution external for iOS

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Tue Oct 9 23:26:04 EDT 2012

Hi LiveCoders

This morning Guglielmo emailed me asking if the background task execution external that I had discussed on the developer list a while back was available. RunRev don't officially support apps that don't quit on suspend at the moment so I hadn't released it. After Guglielmo's request I decided to release with a note that it should be considered experimental. It's now available for purchase and download from mergExt for $29 (or as part of the suite). There's still a few weeks left to lock in the current pricing and I plan to release at least one new external every week in that time.

Here's a youtube video of the external in action including how to delete the exits on suspend key from the plist which may be useful to some even without the external: http://youtu.be/8qrnVGJ7lFA



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