dysfunctional scroll the loc script

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Oct 9 23:15:39 EDT 2012

On 10/9/12 7:08 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:
> on mouseUp
>     put "537,1" into locVar
>     repeat with i = 1 to 650
>        set the loc of field "foo" to locvar
>        add 1 to item 2 of locVar
>        wait 1 millisecs
>     end repeat
> end mouseUp
> It works, but it takes a whole lot longer than 650 milliseconds for
> the loc of the field to scroll to the bottom -- more like ten seconds,
> and it does not scroll smoothly.

Besides the one millisecond wait, there is also the time it takes to 
redraw the field and its contents every time through the loop. That adds 

The "move" command is optimized animation, and is only one line:

   move field "foo" from 537,1 to 537,650 in one second

There's other variations you can use, take a look at "move" in the 
dictionary. You can move things using exact positions, or relative 
positions, in a certain amount of time, or at a certain speed.

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