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If RunRev chooses not to hire extra people to make Apple's preview period sufficient, so be it. It just means that I continue to be very cautious when considering to buy an upgrade or not. Any reasons *you* may come up with to explain why RunRev never seems to be ready when a new version of OSX or XCode is released, is irrelevant to me.

I didn't mean to contact support. I meant to express my worries publicly and no more than that.

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On 9 okt 2012, at 17:38, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Mark Schonewille wrote:
> > Richard,
> >
> > Apple provides developers with preview releases of Mac OS X
> > and XCode. That's sufficient to make sure that RAD tools like
> > LiveCode are up-to-date the day that the next OSX or XCode is
> > released.
> I'm not in a position to know the details of the scope of work RunRev needs to perform for any given OS update.  Without such knowledge, I can't claim to know how much time is required to accommodate Apple's apparent disregard for backward compatibility.
> It may be that the preview period Apple gives developers is indeed sufficient, and the folks at RunRev are just lying around on a Spanish beach drinking Mai Tais.
> Or it may not (though FWIW recent correspondence from Kevin suggests that at least once person is currently in their offices).
> I don't have enough detailed information about the scope of the task to know, and I don't believe anyone else here on this list does either.
> > Anyway, the point is not to discuss with you whether something
> > is possible or not. The point is that I am worried and I'd
> > like RunRev (not you) to take my worries away, if they want me
> > to upgrade more frequently.
> My apologies for replying to your post to this user-to-user support list.  If you had meant to send your request to RunRev you may want to use support <at>
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