libURLSetStatusCallback Runtime error

Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Oct 6 13:43:36 EDT 2012

I'm getting a runtime error on a call to libURLSetStatusCallback.  The
error is "can't find handler" and the line in question is:

libURLSetStatusCallback "lcDownloadStatusCheck",the long ID of stack

There is a handler named "lcDownloadStatusCheck" in the stack script of
stack lcStackBrowser_CheckForUpdates and the above command is in the same

The command is executed from an openCard handler for the first card in my
main stack.  The check for updates can be manually initiated via a tools
menu item, is done with the same code, and works with no problem when
initiated that way.

This error has just surfaced now that I'm using LC 5.5.2; in LC 5.5.0 there
was no error but I've long been puzzled why my check for updates at startup
didn't appear to be working.

I'm unclear as to exactly which handler can't be found - lcDownloadCheck is
right there and libURLSetStatusCallback is a standard LC handler.

lcSQL Software <>

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