RE: What Apple,Microsoft and the Rest of Them Don't Get

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Wed Oct 3 02:38:42 EDT 2012

> Not too far OT, apropos some recent discussions here:

Very interesting, but he mixes together some things that do not seem to me
to go together, and he's failed to make himself an informed buyer. I like
this one:

"Meanwhile one of the pieces of software you usually use, that you need to
access right now to get some data, has stopped working because it conflicts
with some time-saving application you installed yesterday."

He complains the the makers treat their products like toys. But he's acting
like the equipment is his own personal toy.

The problems as I see them:

- Consumer products brought into the business. You only have yourself to
blame, because consumer product lines generally get some form of update
every six months.

- Relying on (web) services where you cannot control your own updates.
Someone decided price and convenience were more important than a consistent,
controlled platform.

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