Finally found one.

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Oct 2 22:11:23 EDT 2012

Not speaking as an authority, just from my own experienceŠ

"exit xyz" exits the current handler, and allows a calling handler to
continue executing, if present

"exit to top" exits and stops executing the current handler and any
calling handler if present; any pending messages will be sent

"send xyz to me in 200 millisecs"  allows other messages/events to take

"wait until <condition> with messages" allows other messages/events to
take place (in what I think of as being an ultra-tight repeat loop)

If you want to cancel a message that has been sent in time, you can:
1) grab the id upon sending the message to be canceled later
2) do a "repeat for each" in the pending messages to find the line
containing the message name and cancel it
3) cancel all the pendingMessages

Hope this helps.


Scott Rossi
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On 10/2/12 6:15 PM, "dunbarx at" <dunbarx at> wrote:

>But as Bernd notes, why the "exit to top" doesn't kill everything is
>still a mystery...

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