[ANN] Huge mergExt update!

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Mon Oct 1 21:45:29 EDT 2012

Dear LiveCoders

Today there has been a huge update to the mergExt suite. The major new features are:
 - activity view (mergPop 2)
	- present the iOS 6 activity controller allowing the user to post text, images, and urls  to twitter, facebook, copy, print etc. With one simple command you can add all of these services to your app.

 - iPod library queries (New external mergMP)
	- access artwork, titles, playlists, lyrics. Everything you need to create a media player in LiveCode.

 - camera control (mergAV 3)
	- flash and torch control
	- thumbnail images in the callback rather than needing to handle a full high res file if you don't need to

 - video and image picker (mergAV 3
	- now you can allow a user to pick either video or a photo from the library at the same time

 - video composition (mergAV 3)
	- load assets and create video compositions to export as new videos

 - player (mergAV 3)
	- play compositions before exporting them
	- play direct from ipod library
 	- full control to seek, play, pause, change rate

 - audio session (mergAV 3)
	- change the audio session categories and modes
	- find out if other audio app is playing
	- allow your app to mix with or duck other apps audio. A simple example of duking might be an exercise timer that ducked the iPod audio when playing a start or stop bell.

 - maps (mergMK)
	- use custom images as pins
	- draw polygon overlays

- datagrid scroller (mergDataGridScroller)
	- over and under scroll bounce back of the datagrid

As many of you may know LiveCode 5.5.2 introduced an engine change that required iOS externals to be significantly modified. All the mergExt externals have been updated for LC 5.5.2, however, there is continued support back to LiveCode 5. There have also been a number of bug fixes in the externals SDK. The most significant of these now allows externals to find out the scale the stack is displayed at on retina devices so popover locations and control rects can now be set in LiveCode pixels rather than UIKit points.

The individual components in the suite now have a total value of $524 making the price for the suite ridiculously low so as of November 1 the price of the suite will rise to $299 per year of access. The 20% discount for buying another year of access before your time is up will continue to apply. You can do this at any time as it is added to the end. The monthly subscription will rise to $79 for the first month and $20 per month ongoing. For existing subscribers your subscription rate will not be modified unless you cancel and re-subscribe. That means that until the end of the month you are able to lock in a subscription for $10 a month ongoing to the suite. Or if you prefer purchasing a year at a time you can buy up as many years as you like at the existing rate.

This is your chance to beat the price rise!


Monte Goulding
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