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Mon Oct 1 19:00:15 EDT 2012

On 10/1/12 4:40 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:

> I'm just wondering two things. Is command-clickng on a hilited word
> an OS thing, or does each application implement this feature
> independently? If it's an OS thing, it might not be not very hard to
> implement. In that case why doesn't LC do it? I.e., not just
> spell-check but all those other cute tricks -- look up on google,
> look up in the dictionary, cut, copy, etc?

It's an OS X Service and apps can hook into it if they want. I suspect 
LiveCode doesn't do it because of its cross-platform nature. None of the 
other operating systems have it and branching the engine code to support 
a single OS is probably a lot of work. It wouldn't make our jobs any 
easier either, since only apps built for Macs would work with it.

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