what should be done with MobGUI?

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Fri May 25 10:16:05 EDT 2012


If the request is just for screenshots from Android, well, your MobGUI
examples should work on android, it is just a matter of screenshoting them.

I don't know how your book schedule is, if the book is complete or not. The
date on the site is august so you should be done or close already. One
thing that I find useful is to provide more options to the readers. Instead
of focusing on one library such as MobGUI, show them that there are others
such as TM|Controls and more. I think Mark has one and there is a couple
more. If you can show the reader, even briefly, that there is choice, then
he'll be safe.

Its early days for LiveCode mobile, we still suffer from the complete lack
of native controls. Yes, we can create controls thru code but we should
really be dragging and dropping them into the stacks as our visual paradigm
dictates. Emulated controls are good as an interim solution but they will
not work on the long run unless RunRev puts a lot more effort into them.
Even the wonderful datagrid has shortcomings and difficulties because it is
an emulated control. We need native controls and better geometry.

So with that in mind, your book about mobile business application is a
pioneering book that has the privilege of exploring new territory but also
face the perils of new worlds. As the authors of the Advanced Dungeons &
Dragons 2nd Edition Planescape Campaign Setting once said: "There is a rule
of threes, things simply tend to happen in groups of three. If two things
happened, one asks, where is the third?", following the rule of threes,
show them MobGUI, TM|Controls and iPhoneControlKit


On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Colin Holgate <coiin at verizon.net> wrote:

> In the book I've written I spend a good number of pages showing how to use
> MobGUI to get iOS looking controls, and native controls. I wrote it in such
> a way that once LiveCode had caught up feature wise on Android, the reader
> could easily deduce how to select the same controls for Android. Now that
> I'm down to rewriting bits of chapters to answer the comments made by the
> troublemaker book reviewers (you know who you are!), one request is to show
> Android screenshots, not just iOS ones.
> That's a reasonable request, but unfortunately in the almost six months
> since I wrote the first bit on MobGUI, it has not been updated by even one
> hundredth of a version number. I'm not sure what I'll do in the book yet,
> maybe I'll put in an apology about the screenshots being all iOS.
> Of course, it was a gamble to describe MobGUI so much. I took other
> gambles too, but those worked out because LiveCode itself caught up on
> Android. There is a difference between MobGUI and other add-ons, in that
> RunRev heavily promoted it, including having special pricing for LiveCode
> and MobGUI together. I personally bought MobGUI direct, but a lot of people
> bought it from RunRev as part of that deal.
> So, if John has stopped developing MobGUI, or got tied up long term on
> other projects, would it be possible for RunRev to take it in house?
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