Standalone problem (solved?)

Guglielmo Braguglia guglielmo at
Tue May 22 14:51:40 EDT 2012

Ah Pete, I forgot ...
... I'm still on SnowLeopard so, all my test are on SnowLeopard using 
LiveCode 5.0.2 (... /which is not important for the Receipt 
Validation/), but, because in the test that I linked to you, I have 
tried to use the Sanboxing structure ... please, if you have a Lion 
system , can you verify if you encounter any problem (/... I can imagine 
some when the livecode part of the program try to open and access the 
external bundle/) ?

Let me know ... :-)



On 22.05.2012 19:29, Guglielmo Braguglia wrote:
> Hi Pete,
> just following your suggestion I bought Receigen and I have spent few 
> days writing an External to use the generated C code :-)
> Next I wrote a little test App that you can download from there (it's 
> a pkg) : ... install, run 
> it and push the button 'Test MAS' and you will see ... :-)
> The App is not available on the App Store, so you can't buy and 
> install the receipt, but I used my test account to try and ... work 
> like a charm :-)
> Obviously, in a real App, you call the validation routine on the 
> preOpenStack or where you want (/better to hide in deep the call/) 
> ...but for test purpose I putted the validation into the button ...
> Let me know ...
> Guglielmo
> On 22.05.2012 18:35, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> [... omissis ...]
>> My efforts are directed at trying to get my app into the Apple 
>> Store.  It's
>> pretty clear that checking the MAS receipt is going to require 
>> externals.
>>   There's a commercial product available to generate a C function to 
>> check
>> the MAS receipt but it needs to be made into an external and since 
>> RunRev
>> support are not able to tell me if or when they will be providing any 
>> help,
>> I don't have much choice but to try and muddle through the externals
>> process myself.  And then there's sandboxing.
>> Pete
>> lcSQL Software<>
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