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Mon May 14 19:27:08 EDT 2012

<sigh> just as I was getting used to Win 7! You know, the reason that Microsoft HAS to come out with a new OS every couple years, is that they have Software Assurance agreements that last 3 years, and people pay good money for this. If MS fails to deliver a major release in that time, the agreements are for nothing, and people would be PISSED. 

So Microsoft HAS to have a new major release within that time frame, even if it is a considerably worse OS or App than the previous one. Frankly, I LOVED Office 98 for Mac! Best version ever. 


On May 14, 2012, at 4:05 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> Haven't seen much discussion of Windows vis-a-vis LC yet.  Anyone in the
> loop on what we might expect to have to change in our apps?
> I've seen discussions on the sqlite list that the current version of the
> sqlite library won't run on metro.  They have another version of the
> library in full test and ready to be released as things get closer to a
> release of Windows 8, which at least means LC will have to include a newer
> sqlite library.
> Pete
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