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Richard Miller wow at
Tue May 1 20:47:17 EDT 2012

Hi Monte,

This is all territory I have no experience with.

Regarding your point #1, I had that line of code there just to see if I 
could get the data written out... which I can't. I suspect the problem 
is with permissions.

If I use this address for the IPN sender (inside my cgi-bin... where I 
can use 777 permissions):
   " "
IPN says "IPN delivery failed. HTTP error code 500: Internal Server Error"

If I use this address for the IPN sender (inside my servers root 
Documents folder... where I can't use 777 permissions):
   " "
The IPN sender is happy, but the PHP script can't write to file, as 
permissions there are only 775.

Regarding point #2, do you mean to call the cgi script from inside the 
PHP listener? If so, what does that line of code look like?


On 5/1/2012 8:35 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:
> Hi Richard
> A couple of points:
> 1. you would want to do stuff with the data after you work out it's verified.
> 2. rather than dump to a file why not actually call your lc script with any parameters you need from paypal (Actually that might get Jacqueline over her hurdles too)
> Cheers
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