The revMenuBar

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue May 1 16:20:00 EDT 2012

On 05/01/2012 10:49 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Cal Horner<calhorner at ...>  writes:
>> So my main problem still stands where in the scripts does the IDE reset the
>> stack size for revMenuBar. Any Ideas?
> Yep. In the script of card 1 of stack "revMenuBar" (around line 108) is...
>     if the platform is "MacOS" then
>        set the decorations of stack "revMenuBar" to empty
>        set the width of stack "revMenuBar" to 920
>        set the topLeft of stack "revMenuBar" to item 1 of the windowBoundingRect,20
>     else
>        set the decorations of stack "revMenuBar" to "default"
>        set the width of stack "revMenuBar" to 920
>        set the width of group "revMenuBar" to 920
>     end if

There is nothing particularly mystical about this; I always muck around 
with the appearance
(width, height, backgroundColor, textColor, where the thing parks itself 
on screen, and so on)
of both revMenuBar and revTool; normally favouring decorations empty and 
revMenuBar jammed
just below the top panel on Linux (either GNOME or XFCE) with jet black 
as the backgroundColor and smoky grey for all the labels. I tend to set 
revTools to park itself somewhere fairly far off to the top-left, but 
with some sort of a grab-bar for decorations so that I can move it 
around as I see fit. I normally
"kill" the icons on the revMenuBar stack as they always strike me as a 
bit sugar-ally, gundy-man, likely
to distract me when I least need to think on black-strippit ba's 
(especially when they are unobtainable in Bulgaria).

To edit the revMenuBar stack you have to play a wee trick; you start a 
new main stack, and then access revMenuBar through the prefs editor.

> I changed the 920 to 400 and it looks reasonable. Now I have to fiddle with
> glx2's status bar to match the menubar width.

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