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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 19 20:23:02 EDT 2012

Alex Tweedly wrote:

> RevOnline has been effectively broken for a long time. Long enough that
> we should be able to predict that it won't be fixed any time soon.
> And I think that's probably a good resource allocation decision for runrev.
> revonline is basically a website to collect stacks and similar
> resources, and a search / download / upload mechanism within the IDE.
> In fact - it's even less than a website, because it doesn't need to
> handle html, css, etc. - it only needs to interface to a livecode
> thin-client.
> Sounds to me like an ideal candidate for a community effort to build and
> maintain that, rather than use up scarce company resources doing it.

In LiveCode, see Development->Plugins->GoRevNet, and once there see the 
Stacks section.

RevNet was the first community-based stack sharing service, later 
somewhat displaced by the advent of RevOnline two years later.

It all still works, and I would be happy to work with anyone here to 
expand it to be even more useful.

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