Licensing & selling an Android app

Richard Miller wow at
Sun Jun 3 18:16:07 EDT 2012

Are you certain that this works this easily on most Android devices? 
 From my little testing, this didn't seem to work reliably. I had to use 
an app like tAttachApkInstaller (specifically designed to install apk's 
sent by email), but even that didn't seem to work reliably or easily on 
the half-dozen phones I tried at Verizon.

> If you send the apk as an email attachment, clicking the link in the 
> email will install the app provided the customer reads the email on 
> their Android device.
> There are many other ways too, but they usually involved an Android 
> file manager. Dropbox is another easy, direct way to install but not 
> all your customers may have that.

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