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OIC I have had this problem too! When I am in the debugger, if code execution ends in any way by stepping, my IDE will lock. This is on Mac OS X, and I'm not sure that it happens every time, but it has happened enough in the past that I am very careful to either cancel code execution or else take the blue pi... erm click the green triangle. 


On May 31, 2012, at 8:32 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Mark-
> Thursday, May 31, 2012, 6:24:43 PM, you wrote:
>> Recap: WIN Vista, LC 5.5.
> Vista? Seriously? 32- or 64-bit?
>> Tonight I'm able to replicate the crashing on two different instances.
>> So, I've got it to crash 2 out of 4 times.
> Granted I'm on xp rather than Vista, but I can't replicate your crash
> problem here. I've run through this several times now, and each time
> it's worked as expected.
>> Then if you click the ORANGE button -- the green one is gone -- the
>> cursor for me SOMETIMES turns into the WIN blue circle and the screens
>> and all apps freeze.
> Why are you clicking the orange button? If you look at the tooltip,
> you'll see that it's for moving to the next instruction. You've
> already hit a runtime error, so there is no "next" instruction to move
> to - you're not in normal run mode any more.
> There's a green triangle at the right of that toolbar. Clicking that
> instead of the orange button brings me back out of debug mode into
> edit mode.
> But at any rate, that's not an excuse for crashing. The IDE shouldn't
> crash. Period. Jacque's right - if you've got a repeatable recipe,
> send it off to the rev team to fix.
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