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Thu Sep 29 01:21:13 EDT 2011

You can use the following messages to capture the delete and prevent it from passing by checking if is one of the objects you wish to protect.


on deleteKey
   if "protect me" is in the short name of the selobj then
--do not delete
   pass deleteKey
end deleteKey

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On Sep 28, 2011, at 10:38 AM, Art DiVito wrote:

> I need to prevent users from deleting a control by selecting it with the pointer tool and hitting the delete key.
> According to the LiveCode dictionary (under "deletefield"), an "undo" will work for fields. However, this appears to be true for buttons, but NOT for fields. Thus,
> On deletebutton
> Answer "Can't do that!"
> send "undo" to this card in 5 milliseconds
> end deletebutton
> works fine. However, 
> On deletefield
> Answer "Can't do that!"
> send "undo" to this card in 5 milliseconds
> end deletefield
> does NOT work.
> I don't know whether it will work for images (I need to prevent them from being deleted too).
> What can I do?
> Thanks.
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