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Randy Hengst iowahengst at
Mon Sep 26 13:48:18 EDT 2011

Hi Again,

I'm adding some more information to my original post….

I've rebuilt the standalone using 4.6.1… and all works just fine…. without any change of code.

Has anyone else seen some issues with visual effects in 4.6.4?

be well,
On Sep 25, 2011, at 7:00 PM, Randy Hengst wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've begun experimenting with visual effects in iOS.
> "Flip" is inconsistent. It always works on the simulator… on the device the same button works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Flip is iOS only… not IDE
> "Push" works consistently on the simulator and the device…. and in the IDE
> I've not yet played much with the other effects.
> Here's the script…
>   visual effect "flip left"
>   go to card "CoverCard"
> I'm on OSX6.8
> LiveCode 4.6.4
> Anyone have thoughts about what I should check?
> be well,
> randy hengst
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