Something that makes Windows 7 look good

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at
Sat Sep 17 14:32:32 EDT 2011

> From: Mark Wieder
> ...don't get me started... let's see: the cartoony interface, 
> the use of the ribbon in the OS, the fact that I spent two 
> hours figuring out that I needed to use a generic network 
> driver instead of the correct one for my laptop's network 
> device, the LACK OF A DOS PROMPT, the inability to launch the 
> 32-bit OS in a VM, the lack of access to usb devices (may be 
> more of a VirtualBox thing needing to catch up), the 
> inability (so far) to enable the administrator account... did 
> I mention that there's no dos prompt?

Does it include Windows Power Shell? They may be pushing that, over the
crappy old cmd.exe.

The other problems you mention sound like the sort of things to be expected
in a beta, that wind up fixed in the release.

As to the interface, Microsoft does seem to release poorly designed versions
of Windows from time to time, like Vista, Windows Me, the early versions of
NT before Win2K. I skipped from XP, which I like, to Win7, which I also
like. We'll see if my next OS is Win9.


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