slight OT: Apple's Volume Purchase Program

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Fri Sep 2 15:52:16 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Sorry for the slight off-topicness of this post, but I'm not getting any responses from Apple and wondered if anyone here has had experience with their Volume Purchasing Program. We (Read Naturally, Inc.) may have an upcoming iPad app and may possible be interested in using the VPP, as our target audience is the education market. Our biggest concern is if the program actually physically limits a school from installing a purchased app on as many devices as they want. The program details, mostly found here, do not explicitly state how this works. So if a school purchases 30 copies (redemption codes) of an app, are they limited to installing that app on only 30 devices?

And I know we've got some educators who are LC users. Would you, as an educator, participate in such a program? Is it too big a hassle? To me it seems a lot easier for a teacher to simply purchase the app herself (whether she uses her own Apple ID or one created by her school) and then sync devices with a computer. In which case, couldn't she install on as many devices as she wishes?

If anyone has any experience or input on the program I would appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to email me directly if it's too off-topic for the list.


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally, Inc.

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