Some questions about revBrowser

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Thu Nov 24 19:38:16 EST 2011

revbrowserset instanceID, "visible", false -- or true
to hide and show the instance that you want.
Since revbrowser is an external overlay, it kinda takes over and lays on
top of your stack in the rect you designate, so showing 2 at once on top of
each other is problematic. So just hide the ones you don't want to show.

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 5:26 PM, Matthias Rebbe <
matthias_livecode_150811 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> i am running into some problems, maybe caused by myself not understanding
> the revBrowser stuff.
> I have already created a simple browser stack. That was really easy to do.
> But now i want to create a stack with 3 buttons. Each button stands for a
> predefined URL(lets say url1, url2, url3).
> On startup i want to preload all 3 URLs . Url1 is the default url and
> shall be displayed by default. Pressing on button 2 or 3 shall display  the
> already loaded url2 or url3 in the browser object.
> What is the best way to do this? Creating 3 cards - one for each url -
> seems not to work.
> I tried it with a 2 card stack and only one browser object (on card 1).  I
> get the browser object from card 1 also displayed on  card 2. Is this a
> normal behaviour
> Does anyone have experience with a "multi" browser stack?
> I remember of a sample stack from someone of the list  which displayed
> more than 1 browser windows, but i cannot find it anymore.
> Regards,
> Matthias
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