An really useful property for vector graphics

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Nov 13 15:48:08 EST 2011

On 11/13/2011 01:59 AM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi All,
> How many of you have downloaded and test
> the stack "Eps Import v05B"
> Please, download this compressed folder to show
> you a really useful property for vector graphics.
> Open the stack  "eps_import_v05B" and click in the
> topleft button to import the adobe ilustrator file
> named "Gradients" that appears inside the same
> folder as the stack.
> A new stack is created with the polygonal graphics
> filled with different gradients... Now, comes the
> interesting part.
> Did you noticed that in the new created stack there
> are some circular shapes filled with radial gradients?
> Remember that these are polygonal graphics, not circles.

Well: 4.5 SalineOS (Debian 6)  GNOME (gdm3) imported as a 
solid graphic where individual
circular shapes filled with radial gradients cannot be grabbed.

[Should point out that 4.5 works like a charm on SalineOS - which, with 
GNOME 2 is my current "Yar-Boo-Sucks" to Shufflebottom over at Ubuntu]

[Tangentially, and completely off-topic; what thinks you-all about MATE; 
the GNOME 2 thingy for all of us who are a bit disquieted about Unity 
and GNOME3 ???]

Unable to import several of my own "things" exported from Xara Xtreme.

Unable to import your other .ai files in the folder.

Something going on a bit odd.

Just to be "awkward" I saved a copy of your stack in 'legacy' format and 
opened it with RunRev 2.2.1
for Linux, and it made a mess, but in a different way to 4.5.

Currently my Mac is "on holiday", but will be set up again tomorrow 
night, and at that point I shall try it with 4.0, Dreamcard 2.6.1 and so 
on, and, with luck, I will have some joy.

> Grab any of these circular graphics for a corner and
> enlarge it... Now all the rough edges becomes
> apparent in the enlarged figure.
> Please, do some test and report your results.
> If there is any glitch in the linear and radial gradient
> import process, report it to look for a solution.
> Post a link to the ilustrator file (version 7 or inferior)
> to download and check the file in detail.
> Notice that I use the graphics software named
> Xara to create these ilustrator (version 7) files.
> Have a nice weekend!
> Al

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