mouse within oval filled area

BNig niggemann at
Sun Nov 13 06:48:58 EST 2011

a simplifyed version of the "hack" to get at the boundaries of a oval with
startangle and arcangle set.


to get the area of a oval graphic with a startangle and an arcangle set and
opaque = true you could use the new 5.0 intersect(object,object,"pixels")
You would have to cheat though in that you create a hidden polygon graphic
"hidden" and call your start/arcangle graphic "halfCircle" plus a field for
feedback (for testing)

the script of the graphic "halfCircle":

on mouseWithin
   set the points of grc "hidden" to the mouseLoc
   if intersect(graphic "halfCircle", grc "hidden", "pixels") then
      put the mouseColor && the milliseconds into field 1
      put "" into field 1
   end if
end mouseWithin

on mouseLeave
   put "" into field 1
end mouseLeave

Depending on your needs you could change this to mouseMove. 

Maybe it would be nice if the 'within' syntax would also have the option of
pixels. No more clunky workarounds.


Kind regards


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