Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Nov 9 15:08:43 EST 2011

Colin Holgate wrote:

 > I think you misunderstood something. Adobe's use of WebKit is as a
 > preview of the HTML5 content. Flash isn't involved in the playback
 > at all. Flash Pro will be involved in developing HTML5 content,
 > but the playback part doesn't involve Flash, if you export as HTML
 > that is.

Yes, that was my understanding, which I tried to convey when I wrote:

     ...it seems Flash is very much alive, just changing the engine
     from a plugin to WebKit

AFAIK the authoring system will remain pretty much the same, but the 
output will no longer be limited to the plugin, able to run natively in 
any HTML5-capable browser.

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