[OT] Pirate software in Germany?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun May 22 03:38:15 EDT 2011

> On the other hand, if people where unable to pirate Microsoft software, maybe linux on the desktop could actually happen xD
> cheers
> Björnke
I am 100% sure that Microsoft loves the fact that people pirate their 
software (especially the OS);
thereby propagating a dependency culture, and the sort of remark I have 
had from parents, who,
looking at the computers in my school when I say "They run with Linux", 
they have then asked:
"What kind of Windows do you use?", on re-iterating that I use Linux, 
they have then said; "Yes,
but what kind of Windows do you use?" At which point I start talking 
about their kid's progress in
English . . .  :)

In Bulgaria, where the police force is bent (err; sorry; BENT), and the 
EU are trying to 'unbend' it
so that it is no more bent than most police forces in the rest of the EU 
[see my upcoming paper,
published by the Aristotelian society, on "Relative Bentness" . . .  :) 
], those police who are not bent (yes, their are some) are so busy 
chasing big-time drug lords and so forth, they probably cannot
even pause to think about protecting the financial interests of Microsoft.

And that is how policing pirate software is seen round here.


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Nearer to home:

One of the sadnesses, from my point of view, is that I worked quite hard 
pushing RevMedia at
the Mathematical High-School here, only to see it vanish just as they 
were ready to download multiple
copies for their systems. Had the 200 a year kids going to the Maths 
school grown up programming
with RevMedia they would have become dependent on RunRev/Livecode; and 
this would have spread to High schools all over Bulgaria.

RunRev were, very cleverly, peddling their own form of "pirate" software 
(insofar as it was FREE)
in the hope of producing a level of dependency. Unfortunately they 
cancelled that very quickly
indeed; just as the word was getting out.

I would like to propose that RunRev re-release a version of RevMedia; 
possibly retitled, possibly
cut-down more; but to effect that sort of dependency I wrote about above.


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Have a super weekend, Richmond Mathewson.

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