More strangeness due to System variable names?

Pete pete at
Wed May 11 13:00:58 EDT 2011

I've just experienced another instance of strange IDE behavior which seems
related to the problem discussed here recently regarding system variable
names with slashes in them.

Symptoms are not exactly the same but similar in that I have problems
opening a script editor window, message box commands are inoperative, and
when I click on the Variables tab of the script editor window, the variables
list is displayed for a couple of seconds then the window goes blank.

I looked at the variables displayed by a set command in terminal and saw no
variables with a slash in their names, but I did see a couple that looked
strange.  One of them has a single underscore as its name and the other has
a name that starts with two underscores.  Maybe LC has a problem with system
varibale names like that as well as ones with slashes in them?

As a related issue, is there a way to not include system variables in the
list of variables?  I rarely care about their settings and real estate in
the variables display is scarce.

Molly's Revenge <>

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