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Wed May 11 10:49:49 EDT 2011

Tereza Snyder wrote:

 > On May 11, 2011, at 8:50 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> * gAppStack is a great way for everything in your project to know
 >> which stack is the mainstack of the standalone, useful for all
 >> sorts of things like setting up paths to Components folders for
 >> storing libraries and externals.
 > Slightly more useful, IMHO, is a gAppInfoA[] global available to be
 > initialized with not only the appStack name but also other runtime
 > info like paths to components folders and prefs files, title strings,
 > prefs values, configuration options, and other data that has to be
 > used everywhere but ought to be loaded only once.

GMTA! :) Once again we're twin siblings of different mothers:  That's 
exactly the direction libRIP is going, using gRIPInfo as an extensible 
container for the app stack and other info.

I had used gAppStack in previous projects (and used it in my earlier 
post to illustrate the idea here for simplicity), but like you I 
eventually found that I needed more stuff than a single string for 
common tasks, so the new libraries and tools I'm donating to the Rev 
Interoperability Project will be using a global array for that stuff.

That said, gRIPInfo["appStack"] is perhaps the most useful element for 
projects using RIP properties, as it provides a pointer to where scripts 
can find most other things the RIP property spec describes.  And since 
the RIP spec is itself extensible, there's almost no end to what you can 
conveniently store in that property set for working on your app and 
sharing components among multiple apps.

Trevor, Ken Ray, Paul Looney, Phil Davis, and others use RIP properties 
to varying degrees, but for those of you who may not be familiar with 
them we now maintain a public mirror for the property spec and other 
files at LiveCode Journal - see the Edinbugh Core Metadata Initiative here:

I should also note that LiveCode Journal itself is a community site, 
founded in 2003 by Alan Golub for the benefit and participation of 
everyone who uses LiveCode.  Anyone who wants to contribute to that site 
is welcome, whether it be through posting articles there or helping to 
manage repositories like the RIP mirror.  Just drop me an email if 
you're interested in helping with any aspect of the site.

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