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Thu May 5 15:40:20 EDT 2011

Todd Geist wrote:
> Frameworks exist for many other languages. PHP, Java, Groovy, Ruby, Python,
> all have multiple frameworks. Ruby simply would not be the big deal it is
> today if it had not been for Rails.
> It would be great if Live Code had one.

And here you are, using one. :)

Personally I prefer a world in which frameworks come from the community 
and RunRev focuses on the engine.  I think it puts resources where they 
can be best applied, as with Rails and Ruby, Drupal and PHP, and so many 

Perhaps the biggest difference between LC and those other languages is 
that those are open source, which does wonders for adoption among 
programming languages perhaps more than in any other category.

With the unmatchable large audience possible with open languages, there 
are so many people using them that the 0.1% inclined to make frameworks 
is a sizable number.

IMO LiveCode offers an unbeatable ROI over alternatives, which is why I 
use it for most of my work.   And as its audience grows by the leaps and 
bounds we've seen in the last two years, the range of tools has expanded 
greatly along with it.

But will it ever grow to a million active users, in which 0.1% would 
mean more than enough frameworks for every taste and need?  I'd like to 
see that, but in the meantime I'm working with others in our own modest 
way toward making frameworks and other interoperable components easier 
to make and use through the Rev Interoperability Project:


The initiatives on the plate currently in the RIP group are somewhat 
modest, but they're beginning for form a foundation on which people can 
craft both end-user apps for their customers and IDE toolkits for 
themselves more easily.

The group is open to all who are interested in community software - dive 
in, the water's fine.

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