RevIgniter is Fabulous!

Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Mar 24 15:20:06 EDT 2011

  On 3/23/11 7:05 PM, -=>JB<=- wrote:
> That looks very nice.  Was everything made with Revigniter?
> -=>JB>=

When you say "everything made with" depends what you mean. The 
navigation menus at the top are pure simple CSS. I use John Alsop's 
Style Master for CSS.  Are you using RevIgniter?

But the entire page assembly is revIgniter.

The rotating selection of the head image (changes on page load) is 
driven by a simple 4 line function .. actually it could have been two 
lines. No JS or Ajax there. The data for the book on the page is all 
drawn from an external source piped in through a "model"  HTML is 
assembled from six "views" -html "chunks"  and most of the content of 
these is made up of variables that are poked in the controller. That's 
what is impressive, the number of operations and "gets" that are being 
performed by LiveCode Server before the page is sent out (I count at 
least 30 operations done to put this one page together) is significant 
enough that you would think you might start to feel some processing 
sluggishness: but no -- it feels almost instantaneous. take a look at 
the time to render at the bottom of the page.

Part of this is because there is no html in a data base (ala other PHP 
CMS frameworks... "irritating"... you log in, choose a module, click on 
a list and "hello" there you are face-to-face with HTML in a "record.") 
instead we will just use the database  for media assets metadata 
storage. So even when we get to using queries to generate some parts of 
the page content, it will be very fast, because we will still get the 
html direct from disk.

Of course this is just a design decision as revIgniter would certainly 
support html code chunks being stored in dbase if you wanted to go that 
route, (I never will!) and I guess the CodeIgniter PHP framework is also 
very fast. i.e. you will have to cook your own CMS...and that's a 
different discussion.

If you want to see any of the code, happy to share.

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