RevIgniter is Fabulous!

Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Mar 24 00:53:20 EDT 2011

  We are redoing our web site, very slowly, it 
will take many moons...
and we are not rushing.

I decided we should give RevIgniter a try. There was a little anxiety in 
the air about using something new and different that was not PHP. And 
since LiveCode has proven itself over and over again in-house for 
production apps, I went out on a limb and convinced everyone here that 
LiveCode Server and RevIgniter were going to provide us with

a) "radical flexibility" and
b) fabulous performance

We have had enough experience with XOOPS and Drupal to know that it can 
only get better, so no objections were raised. So for the past month 
I've been hitting hard on the RevIgniter User guide and plaguing Ralf 
with all kinds of questions.

Now as I finally got thru the learning curve and am actually putting 
together pages, I can't say how utterly fantastic this is. It's like a 
dream come true, like I've been hobbling around in web dev space since 
1995 with both arms tied behind my back and one leg broken and suddenly 
I can fly.

This is our sand box... and we are just getting started. Not only is it 
fast and efficient but it is also just way too much fun.   (click the design one and 
design two links)

Obviously this is just a skeleton right now, but, with setting far 
future headers on our server and using the revIgniter assets helper 
cache busting feature, we are getting jaw dropping speed.

Of course there are only two images on the page, but even so the "in the 
blink of an eye" has already impressed a number of people.

Thank you, RunRev and Ralf Bitter!


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